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Ice Fishing Tips for Beginners

Ice Fishing Tips for Beginners

When the temperatures drop and the lakes freeze, it becomes the perfect time for ice fishing. A thrilling experience for all anglers, ice fishing nevertheless comes with some rules. If you want to try your hand at this arctic sport, then read over some of these beginner ice fishing tips: Dress appropriately No matter what… Read more »

Tips for Safe Ice Fishing This Winter

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Winter is a slow time of year for boat owners. The water’s frozen over and at this point, you’ve already prepared your boat for the harsh weather of the winter season. So with your vessel all covered up, it’s time to break out the ice fishing supplies. Before heading out on the lake, it’s important… Read more »

Winter Ice Fishing: Staying Safe on the Ice

Ice fishing season is right around the corner and at V-Dock, we know how important it is to keep safety in mind while you are out there on the frozen water. We want you to have a blast this winter, and to do so without worry, follow some of these simple safety tips. Mind Your… Read more »