Advantages of Aluminum ‘V’ Beams

Aluminum Frame The V-Dock is a unique and innovative dock that is loved by owners. There is plenty to appreciate about a V-Dock, but one important feature is literally part of the name: the aluminum “V” beam construction. Let’s explore some of the advantages of aluminum “V” beams that make them so versatile and reliable.

The aluminum “V” beam construction of V-Docks keeps them light and rust-free for years of enjoyment. The “V” beam design extends these features by making the V-Dock stable and strong.

V-Docks are built with two parallel “V” beams. This design provides continuous support to key areas of the decking, unlike other dock designs that only have deck support at the outer edges. The “V” beam design of the V-Dock absorbs movement, and significantly reduces side sway and bounce. Walk onto a V-Dock and you will never want to walk on another type of dock again.

The “V” beam design of V-Docks is also a safe design. This design allows you to sit on the side of the dock with no fear of hitting your legs on the trusses. It also means you won’t catch your foot in an open framework on the side of the dock. The “V” beam design is not just safer for people – it’s also safer for boats. Since this design allows for the posts and legs to be set in from the edge of the deck, boats are less likely to hit a support beam.

V-Dock’s innovative “V” beam design is visually pleasing, too. With the support beams angled in beneath the decking, the dock has clean lines. The beam design also means there are no openings to catch weeds, which allows tour V-Dock will look nice throughout the summer and require less maintenance than other types of docks.

At V-Dock, we’ve been manufacturing outstanding and innovative docks for more than 30 years, and designing and building the very best boat docks is all that we do. Contact us today at 888-888-DOCK to learn more or to order your V-Dock.

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