Expand Your Docking Space with Post Sectional Docks

Post Sectional DecksThe summer is a perfect time for boating, but we’ve found too many marinas have the same problem: Too many boats and not enough slips. This is true of both major marinas on larger bodies of water and portable marinas built at popular vacation destinations.

To help solve this problem, V-Dock offers post sectional docks that can easily expand docking capacity and add extra slips to any marina. This is a great option for marinas planning for a busy holiday weekend or for small marina owners expecting an influx for an event or gathering.

Post sectional docks mirror our other V-Dock products in terms of ease of installation and versatility, with most docks capable of being easily moved and installed with set up taking less than an hour in most cases. Unlike straight docks that offer only a few spots to tie up a boat, post sectional docks feature a range of bends and turns that create more spaces for boats to be tied up.

These sectional docks are especially great for steep or shallow shorelines. Using the exclusive Roll-n-Float System, simply roll the boat dock to the water’s edge and float it into place. The process is so easy that a single person can do it. All it takes a short walk on the floating dock to install posts and remove the float, providing a new docking space that’s an excellent solution for deep water or mucky lake bottoms.

V-Dock’s post sectional docks come in both 10-foot and 16-foot sections, providing a few configuration options to suit the space you have available. We offer a number of solutions that can be easily installed to expand your dock space, ensuring that you can enjoy your summer with the right dock to fit your needs.

If you are in need of additional dock space, whether for one boat or for five, reach out to V-Dock today by calling 888-888-DOCK.

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