Get the Space You Need for Your Marina or Resort

Having a dock is obviously a must for your marina or resort, but sometimes you might need more dock space. Whether demand for your dock space is growing or you’re expecting an influx of holiday boaters, being able to add extra dock space when you need it would be a great thing, right? That’s where V-Dock shines with our selection of post sectional docks that allow you to quickly and easily extend your available dock space whenever you might need it.

Scalable Docking SolutionV-Dock’s post sectional docks are an adaptable and scalable solution for any business or location where you may need more docking space at different times of the year. Perfect for marinas, boat resorts and large camps, our docks allow you to add new sections easily and quickly, providing a fast and convenient solution to add more docking space when you need it.

Pairing the post sectional dock versatility with our Roll-n-Float capabilities makes adding and removing sections a snap. By floating new sections from the shore, you can position new lengths of dock exactly where you need them. Our docks are also ideal for deep or mucky coastlines, providing an easy way to get docks into position without having to wade through mud or trying to swim while maneuvering a section into place. This docking style is so easy to install that just one person can add new lengths in only a matter of minutes, unlike conventional docks. Plus, with our break-away post brackets, it’s easy to anchor posts or connect new sections to existing dock lengths within minutes.

If you’re looking for a new solution for your dock, there’s no better choice than a V-Dock. Our range of docking solutions can meet your needs – large and small. If you need to add extra docking space when your family’s coming to camp or during a busy holiday weekend at your marina, our solutions can make it easier than ever to add the slips and space you need. Learn more about these and all of our dock solutions and start getting ready for boating season by calling V-Dock today at 888-888-DOCK.

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