How Ice Can Damage Your Dock

In the winter months, snow and ice can take a toll. Whether it be on the roads, on our cars, or on our homes, winter can truly pack a punch. However, one area that consistently gets overlooked is a boating dock. Icy conditions and frozen water in lakes, ponds, or rivers can damage old, wooden docks, leading to expensive repairs and replacements in the spring. Learn more below:

Ice on your dockHow Ice Can Damage Your Dock

Wooden docks are particularly susceptible to damage during the winter months. When water sits on wooden boards, it can cause the wood to expand and fill up with moisture. Then, as this water dries up or freezes inside the wood, it can expand and contract, leading to splintered and broken wood and a destroyed dock.

Ice in the water

Docks can also be damaged by ice in the water. Freezing ice can heave the dock up or down, moving it off moorings or damaging the anchor posts themselves. There’s also the risk of ice flows, particularly in river waters, where large chunks of ice can flow down current and smash into a dock, causing damage. Additionally, if a dock is in a frozen lake, warmer temperatures in the springtime will create a large ice mass which could be pushed up and towards your dock, ultimately destroying it.

What should you do?

For fixed, wooden docks, the best thing you can do is to waterproof your dock before winter sets in. However, even this may not fully protect your dock from ice build-up. In these cases, it’s often best to replace your permanent dock with a roll-in dock. Roll-in docks are easy to install and can save you lots of money and headache. They’re also well-equipped to handle a wide variety of situations, from deep drop-offs just offshore to mucky and muddy waters that are difficult to work in.

Here at V-Dock, our roll-in docks are great for chilly, northern climates. Simple to install and remove, they’re also protected by our patented Poly-Deck, so you won’t have to worry about cracking, fading, or wearing wood. Give us a call today at 1-888-888-DOCK to learn more.

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