How to Have Winter Fun on Your Dock

Who says you can’t enjoy your dock just because winter is upon us? There are lots of useful ways to take advantage of your dock in the colder months, despite cold, ice and snow. From snowboarding to ice fishing, check out these fun ways to truly enjoy your dock and surrounding landscape during winter.

Building a Snowmanman snowboarding near dock

A big jovial snowman out on the end of your dock provides a welcoming winter time beacon to your neighbors at the lake. Have the kids bundle up and roll the balls of snow for their snowman and use accessories to dress him up. Have a snowball fight to truly make the most of your snowy day.

Ice Fishing

At the end of your dock, cut a hole in the ice (adults only for this task!) and drop a line to do some ice fishing. Bond with friends while your legs dangle over the dock and you wait till you get a bite.

Ice Skating

Whether you’re into figure skating or ice hockey, go skating on the lake with the neighborhood kids. Take a break on your dock with a hot steaming mug of cocoa to warm up before heading back out to skate.

Light Up Your V-Dock

Decorative and solar lights can spruce up the beauty of your dock and surrounding landscape in the middle of winter. Some pretty white lights add to the ambience, as well as track lighting that dots the pathway up to your home. Solar lights gather the energy from the sun and run off solar energy at night.

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